• Authors / Books

    From Famous Authors like Shirley Paden Fashion Knitwear Designer to Oren Levin-Waldman, Labor Economist and Literary Horror Writer Yana Barbelo. Check out our sites.

  • Beauty & Salon Websites

    From BarberShops to Beauty Salons, Lash Artists Makes Up Artists ,and Hair care products. Let the team at Designitup Created you a Visually Stunning website.

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  • Contracting / Construction Websites

    From Contractors, Construction,  Roofing companies to Home Improvement. Here is a list of all our Contracting and Construction companies websites.

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  • E-Commerce Websites

    At Designitup, we specialize in E-Commerce websites from clothing stores, to food orders for menu items and Bookings for appointment. We will set up your e-commerce store and settings.

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  • Entertainment / Music Websites

    Our talented team of designers have developed websites for Musical artist Brianna Musco  GGG Management Group and Quinn Jaye as well as actress Lashona Wheatherspoon. 

    Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 12.16.33 AM.pn
  • Finance / Consulting Websites

    We specialize in Finance and Consulting websites, from setting up your appointment bookings with clients to your contact forms for questionnaires for client acquisitions.

  • Food / Wine

    Check out all of our Food and Restaurant Websites as well as Wine and Bars. We created all types of websites for the Food and Drink industry that are mobile friendly.

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  • Health / Fitness

    Health and Fitness websites from, Trainers to Nutritionist that offer Meal prep plans and Food delivery service. Let the team at Designitup create you a website. 

  • Medical Websites

    We specialize in Medical websites that are AMA certified for Doctors offices, Podiatrists  Medical Clinics , Chiropractors and Psychiatrists. Take a look at our visually stunning websites.

    Spine City Medical Website.png
  • Miscellaneous

    At Designitup no project is too large or too small, we specialize in all types of designs here you will find various websites for miscellaneous categories. 

  • Non Profit / Church

    Our talented team has built numerous non profit websites for charities and organizations through out the Country as well as Churches and places of worship. Ask about our non-profit discount. 

  • Real Estate / Mortgage

    Looking for a personalized page for a Realtor? We have done Real Estate Agents and Agencies as well as Mortgage Lenders and Mortgage Agencies. Contact us for a quote.

  • Restaurants / Bars

    Check out all of our Food and Restaurant Websites as well as Wine and Bars. We created all types of websites for the Food and Drink industry that are mobile friendly.

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  • Service Websites

     Powerwashing to Covid cleaning and house keeping. Our team can develop websites in the service industry. Check out our visually stunning service websites here.

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  • Travel / Tourism

    From small scale Travel Agents to large scale Bus tour companies with online bookings. Check out our Travel / Tourism websites and contact us today for a quote.

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Our Portfolio

Below is a list of categories of websites designed by our talented team of designers. Click the category below to see our projects. Or click Full list to see the full list of projects organized by date created.





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