We are a professional Web Design / Marketing Agency / Graphic Design Studio in Wood Ridge, New Jersey.

Design It Up Now is a full service digital design firm located in New Jersey (NJ), Just minutes outside of New York City, NY We offer a wide range of web site and print services that include: (small business web design, mobile web site design, search engine optimization, WordPress web design, WIX web design, logo design, web site maintenance and much more.)


We have designed, developed and launched hundreds of successful web sites for clients all over North Jersey, New Jersey and New York City for many different types of businesses, government contractors, non-profits and corporations.


Design It Up Now was established in March of 2010, as a Web Design and Graphic Design company located in Bergen County, NJ. Our companies goals are for 100% complete satisfaction with our work. Whether we build you a complete website or just design  you a simple business card. As a design company, Design It Up Now prides itself by completely projects in-house, never outsourcing. Whether it’s a very personal connection with our clients or our diverse work experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to make a client’s vision a reality. We Strive for nothing less than success and with 98% of our customers continue to be re-peat customers we feel that we are doing an excellent job. Our business grows with you the customer and we will continue to grow each and everyday we stay in business.


We provide excellent customer service, which is something that most other web development and digital marketing companies don’t do. They just focus on the work. We do great work, but more importantly, we do client relationships right. We understand that the experience of working together has to be great, and our clients notice. We pride ourselves in the fact that we make ourselves available to our customers night and day and with a personalized experience you will get from a small business that you lack from major companies and firms. At Design it Up Now we say the customer is our number one goal and keeping them happy by always answering or responding to the customer when they call. Just google our reviews and see for yourself, our customers are our greatest endorsement.


With over 30 years of combined experience, the Design It Up Now team is well qualified to handle any and all of your graphic needs. Whether it’s business cards or website construction, our design team will work with you to build and create the image your company deserves. Design It Up Now started with a group of talented individuals with a passion for customer service, quality of design, and a passion for the creative expression which the internet now provides. Our passion for our work is evident in all that we do. From logo design, web design, brochure design, t-shirt design, search engine optimization, stationery design, marketing and advertising design and solutions, we truly enjoy what we do. Above all else, we always keep your goals in our sights.

We have developed websites for clients all over the US hover over the image below to find out which states we have designed in and how many we have left to complete the whole map of the U.S.

Meet The Team

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Franky Stylez

CEO, Designer /Wix Webmaster

Franky is in charge of building a website that is not only visually stunning and current to our times; he builds websites that reflect your core values. He deciphers exactly what you want to create: the fundamental building blocks of your website. This determines how best to convey your goal. Franky supervises a team of creative professionals to deliver an inspired online experience. A born entrepreneur and an advertising / marketing genius, he creates masterpieces of art in the form of your website.


Frank’s specialties include: web development thru Html, CSS, JavaScript, Word Press and Wix. Franky is a Certified Wix Web Master. Also, he specializes in branding and identity, advertisements, illustration, page layout, web design, print and graphics, all located in NJ.

Wix Webmaster Franky Stylez
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Rick Khalil

Internship Coordinator
Talent Acquisition

Rick grew up in humble home where his father worked a blue collar job. His humble beginnings shaped his morals, ethics, and work practices. One of the most important lessons he learned from his parents was making an honest living.  ​They embedded this into his DNA that anything thats done dishonestly, will come back into your life, and if not in our lifetime, it will harm your children's life or even their children. 

He was born and raised in North Jersey He graduated from NJIT with a Computer Science Degree, he also took it a few steps further and did a concentration in Mechanical Engineering and added an Applied Statistics Minor. He then continued to complete a business program at Prudential Young Entrepreneurs School of Business where he excelled 

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Jared Martello

Project Developer /
WordPress Webmaster

Jared knew he loved computers! Majoring in Computer Sciences at William Paterson University, he spent the beginning of his career as an intern and quickly developed a passion for web design.


Now, as a project developer at Design It Up Now, Jared is an expert in PHP and building MYSQL databases. He brings vast knowledge of web development to the Design It Up Now team and his efforts have been a very valuable asset to the company.


Jared is a master at SEO and continues to keep us informed of various changes to online marketing, created by Google and Bing.

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Jay Patel

Social Media

Jay Patel specializes in Social Media Management and is our quality assurance specialist. He is responsible for testing each custom website to ensure it functions properly. With a keen eye on detail, he validates each aspect of our websites including links, fonts, online forms, email notifications, and security. Jay is also responsible for content integration.


Jay was the social media project manager for a major telecommunications company in North America. Jay is

dynamic, result-driven, solution oriented and has strong leadership and interpersonal skills. 


Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, Jay earned an incredible honor for a project based on employee efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Rebecca Bhagy

Graphic Artist
Logo Specialist

Rebecca is a professional graphics designer with over 5 years of experience in diverse graphic design projects Her speciality is Logo Design and Real Estate Marketing. Her work is professional and elegant with a concentration in her logos and vector designs. 


Becca has worked with various brands, both small and established before joining the Designitup Team first as an intern and now a full time Graphic Artist. Her Logos have been used for new brand start ups and major corporate companies. 

Becca enjoys mining bit coins and developing games on her free time. She stays up to date with the latest trends and demands with Graphic Arts and is certified in Adobe Products.